Tacoma Art Museum RFP

Client: Hoffman Construction Company

Challenge: I needed to design the proposal to focus on the Wester art style which a collection was to be housed in the Tacoma Art Museum addition. The proposal design also needed to tie back to the RFQ phase for this same project but have its own style and character.

Solution: I featured Western art on the front cover in a unique and interesting way hinting at the modern style of the museum itself. I chose a color scheme that represented this style of art. The presentation of the art was a derivative of the RFQ. Bands of angled shapes captured the art in “slivers” that hint at the bold color bands of the RFQ. The back cover of the book is identicle except for the color. The bands of color were replaced by bands of varying tones of orange and brown. This theme was very well accepted by the client. Hoffman was chosen for the interview round for this project in which this same style was utilized to continue a cohesive message.


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