Dewey’s Frozen Yogurt Website

Client: Dewey’s Frozen Yogurt website design and illustration

Challenge: I was contracted by Spot Color Studio to create a website for Dewey’s Frozen Yogurt. The site needed to be colorful and engaging. The site needed to have something that was a focal point of interest that could give character to site. That character needed to be focused around the identity of Dewey’s Frozen Yogurt, Dewey the dog.

Solution: I worked with Spot Color Studio to design an entire look and feel of the website including illustrated graphics, navigation and Flash animated character. The concept was creating a website with bright colors to keep the visitor engaged. The site included menus, specials, news, and events. To increase engagement and appeal of the site, I created a Flash animated character that appeared when the site loaded. Dewey the dog was the mascot of Dewey’s Frozen Yogurt. He was represented in the logo as a silhouette. I gave life to Dewey by creating the animated illustration.







Animation frames





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