Intel AppUp website advertising

Intel’s propriety client AppUp was not only a downloadable client application, it was was supported by a website. Before a customer downloaded AppUp, they could browse all available apps and read about what services AppUp offered. Advertising was placed throughout the AppUp website to entice new customers to download the client. Each piece of advertising needed to be in multiple sizes. The challenge here was to keep the integrity of the ad while designing within a wide variety of specifications. As you can see from the below example, I created the same ad in three drastically different sizes but each retains the same message. The look and feel is the same on all three as well despite the vastly different sizes.

Along with ads for AppUp, I did many more different types of graphics for a variety of apps. Each graphic I created had to stand on its own but at the same time hold true to the brand and identity of the app it was advertising. Many times I created more than 5 different size ads for each ad.

I was also responsible for creating alternate language versions for any advertising that was used to promote a sale or highlight a featured app. Languages included American English, UK English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian. Each language has a different length of text to say the same thing. I had to make sure that the integrity of the ad stayed intact while each language translation was created.


AppUp_screenshot_PromoMarquee closed








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