Lewis & Clark Bank Brochure

Client: Lewis & Clark Bank

Challenge: To create one piece of printed material that would encapsulate all the offered services of Lewis & Clark Bank. The bank had recently rebranded and wanted a piece that would compliment the new brand but stand a lone as an informative piece of literature.

Solution: I met with the marketing manager of Lewis & Clark Bank several times to decide what information needed to be featured in this piece. Once the content had been decided, the form was then decided to be a familiar 11×17 single fold saddle stitched booklet. I took the required information and created a grid to ensure that the content would be displayed consistently. Styles were created to ensure consistency as well. I used the brand to frame the content in an elegant and attractive way so as to not distract from the content but to compliment it. The client was very happy with the piece and decided to use it as an in house training tool for employees. I have worked with Lewis & Clark on several different projects since.


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