PM Industries Brand Refresh

Client: PM Industries, inc. Manufacturer of hi-tech components

Challenge: To refresh a brand that has been in existence for 40 years to bring the look and feel of the traditional company into the new era of design. With it’s competitors growing exponentially every year, PM Industries needed a refresh to once again become the leader in it’s industry of manufacturing parts for the most advanced technologies and set itself apart from it’s competition.

Solution: I worked with PM Industries throughout the entire process of ideation, conceptualization, design, and implementation. I was a constant source of information and support for anything they needed me for including design, copywriting, and photography. I managed the client relations and the entire process from start to finish. PM Industries was stuck in the past. The only way they could move forward was to refresh their brand with modern style and color scheme. I chose a font that is both technical and has movement to it. The base idea of the refresh was to not completely recreate their brand (because they are recognizable in the industry over the past 40 years), it was to bring forth a new fresh, modern and more polished look. They had no identity to speak of. No color scheme. No font styles. I created all of this for them. Then I took the new refreshed brand identity and applied it to a complete website redesign and rebuild.



Old Logo



New Logo




Website logo version


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