PM Industries Website Redesign

Client: PM Industries, inc. Manufacturer of hi-tech components

Challenge: To rebuild the company website that had been neglected for many years. The goal to was to modernize the website along side the refresh of the PM Industries brand. The website needed to be modern, fresh and engaging without too much distraction. I chose to go with a 3 column design that allows the user to access and read information easily. With it’s competitors growing exponentially every year, PM Industries needed a refreshed website to once again become the leader in it’s industry of manufacturing parts for the most advanced technologies and set itself apart from it’s competition. I chose to design the website as a brochure style to be the most informative.

Solution: I worked with PM Industries throughout the entire process of ideation, conceptualization, design, and implementation. I was a constant source of information and support for anything they needed me for including design, copywriting, and photography. I managed the client relations and the entire process from start to finish. PM Industries was stuck in the past. The only way they could move forward was to refresh their brand and their website to make it more accessible to their clientele. The home page of the site has an engaging rotator. This image rotator highlights PM Industries services and philosophies. It is the first impression that brings the viewer in and encourages the reader to continue to read. The site also allows for the visitor to be able to contact the sales staff with questions about services. The site has been very successful in increasing leads and increasing awareness of the multitude of services PM Industries offers.


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