I have received several testimonials from my colleagues at current and previous places I have worked. Here are a few that highlight my assets.
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Art Director at Hoffman Construction Company

“Jason is a creative, reliable Art Director with great design sense. The Hoffman marketing environment is fast paced and demanding with multiple projects happening simultaneously. Jason served as the creative source and producer of all marketing materials company wide, including: printed proposal responses, posters, banners, PowerPoint presentations, ads and more. Jason coordinated all facets of design elements for proposal responses to ensure pieces were cohesive, represented the client’s brand and proposal theme. He also revamped the company website giving prospective clients a current look at Hoffman’s experience, services and successes.

Most importantly, Jason is able to work with competing deadlines and priorities while being a great team player. He eagerly participates with project team members and works hard to exceed their expectations.” November 5, 2011

Cicely Tyler, Marketing Coordinator,
worked directly with Jason at Hoffman Construction Company


Graphic Designer at Xerox

“Jason is an impactful and nimble designer, not only in his creative executions, but in his ability to adjust to any team requirements. When Jason joined our team, we were in brand transition. He not only executed the legacy branding exceptionally well, but was at the forefront of developing and adapting our new brand strategy. He is adept at pushing design boundaries, but is also savvy enough to understand the clients’ appetite for change. Jason works very well in a team, and in the constructive dialogue of creative critique that helps to further the end result.” February 3, 2012

Melissa Nickels, Art Director, Xerox
worked directly with Jason at Xerox


Senior Graphic Designer at The Lab West/Papa Murphy’s

“Jason Harris is an outstanding and talented graphic designer. Jason was very dependable, with an amazing eye for detail. He was the go-to guy for all the other designers on how to do something in any design program. With his strong critical thinking and problem solving skills, Jason was able to work well under difficult circumstances and tense environments. He worked very well with all of our clients and handled the difficult ones with ease. It was a pleasure to have Jason on my team.” February 16, 2012

Sandra Foreman, PMP, Account Director, Graphic Productions
managed Jason at THE LAB WEST/Papa Murphy’s


Senior Graphic Designer at The Lab West/Papa Murphy’s

“Jason Harris and I worked together at The Lab West/Papa Murphy’s for about 6 years. I had the distinct pleasure of working side by side with Jason for most of this time. Not only did he bring a creative force to the table, but his skills in production and problem-solving were second to none. Jason’s work ethic was outstanding and he came to work every day with a great attitude and passion for whatever challenge came his way. I would recommend Jason for future work and can say that anyone lucky enough to hire him will not be disappointed.” November 1, 2011

Matthias Anderson, Graphic Designer,
worked directly with Jason at THE LAB WEST/Papa Murphy’s International