Intel Open Source Technology Center – Trade Show Display

I designed this backdrop display for a world-wide trade show, which Intel was a participant, for the Open Source community . I designed the graphics to fit on the curved backdrop surface using many key words and phrases in a consistent ribbon across the entire backdrop. The key words and phrases was a combination of all the Open Source projects that Intel has supported and been involved in in recent years. Intel needed to highlight several key items. I used bold and bright colors to set off against the near monotone backdrop so as to emphasis the key points. Along with the bold colors, I made the key items jump off the backdrop by breaking the top edge with the circular shapes. This effect brought even more emphasis to the key items.

Along with the graphic design for the backdrop, I created a 3D model in Sketchup to illustrate how the entire booth space may be set up.


LinuxConEU_backdrop_render1 OS_13_26_Q3_OTC-Booth-Update_v1_mockup_with_callouts_DRAFT

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